Commercial/Industrial Doors

Steel Doors

Thermacore 591

Door panels are supplied in either 21″ or 24″ width. In both cases, the panels are 1-5/8″ thick. Insulation is a rigid foamed-in-place polyurethane core free of CFCs and HCFCs. The foam core is fully encapsulated in non-permeable materials to prevent loss of thermal efficiency over time. The insulation has an R-Value of 14.86, U-Value of .067 – calculated values based on certified test data.

Exterior Colors: White or Brown
Internal Colors: White only

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Thermacore 593

The 593 series has been developed to specifically fill light commercial and industrial applications. Door panels are supplied in either 21″ or 24″ widths and 1-3/8″ thick. The Thermacore 593 has a U-rating of .078 and an R-value of 12.76.

Exterior Colors: White, Brown or Grey
Internal Colors: White only

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Thermacore 595

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The high quality 595 series designed for commercial or industrial facilities particularly those that emphasize energy conservation and/or security. A smooth steel-polyurethane-steel construction to form a 1-5/8″ thick section provides a thermal barrier to withstand harsh climates and demanding environmental requirements. The Thermacore 595 has a U-rating of .067 and an R-value of 14.86.

Exterior Colors: White only
Internal Colors: White only


Steel Non-Insulated 24 Gauge-Ribbed Door

Attractive appearance blends nicely with metal or masonry sidewalls. Virtually maintenance free … steel can’t rot, warp or chip. Provides greater security … impacts that would normally puncture wood or fiberglass panels only dents steel.

Exterior Colors: White only

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Aluminum Doors

AL 310 / AL 510

Our aluminum sectional doors are ideal for commercial and industrial use where their full view will be appreciated. The narrow rails and stiles offer a very subtle design touch and a maximum glazing area … to let your customers see in and your goods and services to shine out. They are aesthetically pleasing and will allow plenty of light to filter in.

Model 310

  • End Stiles 3″
  • Bottom and Top Rail 3″
  • Centre Stiles 1 3/4″

Model 510

  • End Stiles 5″
  • Bottom and Top Rail 5″
  • Centre Stiles 1 3/4″
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Commercial Metal Building Doors

Our Commercial Metal Building Doors come with a variety of accessories including:

Closer-Standard Duty

  • Latchguard
  • Closer – Heavy Duty
  • Panic Device – Standard Duty
  • Crash Chains
  • Panic Device – Heavy Duty
  • Gr. 1 Cylindrical Lock
  • Push/Pull Hardware
  • Kick Plate
  • Stops and Holders
  • Lite Kits
  • Mortise Lock with Deadbolt
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