Heritage Buildings

Stand the test of time with an Seagrave Heritage Building. Our coldformed, bolt-together system is an economical alternative to a wood framed structure, but with the strength of steel.

The Strength of Seagrave

Seagrave, a leading Canadian supplier of steel building components, designs a “do-it-yourself” bolt-together building system for every day use. With a focus on quality and value, the design details used in an Seagrave Heritage Building ensure ease of erection by factory locating critical fastening locations and by providing pre-cut framing members. Seagrave can provide a complete building system for your farm, workshop or small storage needs.

For a high quality, easy to assemble Seagrave Heritage Building, contact us today and get the Strength of Seagrave on your next project.


Solid. Highly Functional. Attractive

Seagrave Heritage Buildings are made completely of long lasting steel to ensure your investment is secure. With a low per square foot cost, an Seagrave Heritage Building is comparable in price to a wood structure but with unparalleled quality.

heritage2Steel is one of the strongest building materials available and as a manufactured commodity, the quality is assured. Steel won’t rot, warp or twist and is free from knots and splits. You will never worry about your steel structure having a sagging roofline or walls that are out of plumb. The structure of an Seagrave Heritage Building maximizes the usable interior volume of your building. This allows for larger door openings in the end walls and creates unlimited functionality. The Heritage Building roof and wall systems are available in a variety of standard colors and can be used alone or combined with traditional construction materials to achieve an aesthetically pleasing building.


Assemble With Ease

Every Seagrave Heritage Building is designed and detailed for your specific application using advanced 3D modeling software. This technique ensures accuracy by designing the building in a virtual environment. Factory placed holes greatly reduce assembly time by eliminating field measuring of critical dimensions. This means structurally a Heritage Building is a “do-it-yourself” bolt-together solution using easy to install serrated flange bolts. No measuring. No cutting. No carpentry skills required. Each Seagrave Heritage Building comes with easy to read engineer stamped drawings, assembly instructions, structural steel door openings, roof and wall panels and a complete trim package.



Optional items include eave overhangs, gutters and downspouts, ridge vents, roll-up doors, insulation, firewalls and accent bands. Optional colours are available by special order.

Possible Building Uses Include:
  • Garage
  • Carport
  • Workshop
  • Storage
  • Small Business
  • Small Barn
  • Hay Storage




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